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Glass Enamels

About BELLVIEW Glass enamels

Glass enamels business in Belleview Japan

Glass enamels manufactured in a factory in China, a partner company, providing Japanese technology and equipment.
Our products sell products with good color balance and good color balance even at a reasonable price even in good weight balance.


  • Basic Color Range

    Basic Color Range

  • Metallic Enamel

    Metallic Enamel

  • Double Side Effect Washable Enamel

    Double Side Effect Washable Enamel

  • Anti-slippery Enamel

    Anti-slippery Enamel

  • Impact Resistance Enamel

    Impact Resistance Enamel

  • Glass Ceramic Enamel

    Glass Ceramic Enamel

  • Mirror Like Effect Enamel

    Mirror Like Effect Enamel

  • Auto Glass Black Enamel

    Auto Glass Black Enamel

  • Silver Paste

    Silver Paste

  • Thermoplastic Glass Color

    Thermoplastic Glass Color

  • Ceramic Decal Paper

    Ceramic Decal Paper

  • Inorganic Color Pigment

    Inorganic Color Pigment

  • Glass Flux

    Glass Flux

  • Medium/Thinner


  • Free Color Match

    Free Color Match

What's New

2017/7/1 Belleview Co., Ltd., opened the WEB site of the glass enamels business

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